Sunday, April 26, 2009


Although Lauren has been dealing with bitter defeat, as well as post-competition depression. She doesn't know what to do with herself. She is considering competition again. Her family is not incredibly enthusiastic about it.

Lauren has been enjoying normal food for a week now. She said she was unable to keep down a chocolate and caramel Dairy Queen Blizzard when combined with a veggie and seafood stir fry but her body is readjusting to normal every day solid food.

She looks forward to a vacation in Florida with girlfriends and a few upcoming road races to stay in shape.

She heard through the grape vine that she didn't do well in the competition because she was, quite simply, in the wrong category. Her body was much bigger than the other competitors in the figure division. She might be better suited for bodybuilding in the future.

All she can say right now is, "We'll see!"

Pizza... Finally!

Lauren finally gets a taste of what she has been missing for months, her favorite food: Pizza.

Dealing With Disappointment

Lauren deals with the disappointment of coming in last. Her friends, family and fellow competitors comfort her backstage.

The Results

Unfortunately for Lauren, she did not place in any of the three categories in which she competed. Her results are below:

Figure Debut: 6/6
Figure Novice Short: 6/6
Figure Open Short: 8/8

Lauren said she has learned a lot and might compete again as soon as October, which means she will have to start training in July.

According to the judges, she was too muscular for the figure division. It is also possible that not putting her heels together during the Figure Open Short category could have cost her. She will also be careful not to nervously toss her hair or extend her arm out too far, which was a repeat problem for her as she fought through the nerves.

Next time she competes, she will have to choose between figure and bodybuilding. If she chooses figure, she will have to lean up drastically. If she chooses bodybuilding, she will have to bulk up and build more muscle.

Lauren said she chose to compete in the figure division because you only have to learn four mandatory poses. In bodybuilding, there a tons of different poses you have to learn. If she decides to bodybuild, mastering the poses will be a new challenge for her.

Awards Ceremony! Did Lauren Place?

Lauren talks backstage after her final walk, followed by the awards ceremony for her first category "Figure Debut." Did Lauren place? You'll have to watch to find out.

Lauren Does Her Final Walk

Lauren does her final walk in front of the judges. The final walk is usually done to music. Lauren walked to the song "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas.

Lauren's Boyfriend and Dad Weigh In